Faculty Supervisors: Mari Schuldt. Instructions: Read the next sentence. Mediterranean, Greeks & Romans This course offers a detailed review of the period from pre-classical antiquity through the dawn of Middle Ages, with special attention paid to those of the Greek as well as Roman empires. Calculate the resistance, voltage as well as the current and power. It focuses on the political, philosophical and social development of Greeks and Romans as well as their connection and influence on different Mediterranean civilizations. Write down your entire solution and record the final answer on a separate piece of piece of paper. The Academic Director is Abdelkader Slimani.

1. The Dark & Middle Ages Historical analysis of the Middle Ages covering in detail the Romanic and Gothic movements. If the battery in a mobile phone operates at 5V, and is required to provide an amount of 2.5A when playing music, what’s the power requirement? The class focuses on the political, philosophical and artistic developments of the middle age and their profound relationship with the Church as well as their relationship with the Catholic religion. 2. Faculty Supervisors: Abdelkader Slimani. Security alarms with lasers requires an electrical source of 3V in order for operation and to resist 3V with 0.522.

Ancient History Our current lifestyle is greatly influenced by our historical past. What should be the electric current required to operate for the Laser Security Alarm? Understanding our past is the most efficient way to comprehend our own.

3-4. 3. This course explores a long period from the time of ancient civilizations all the way to the middle the ages. The 32" LCD television runs at 24V, and contains multiple resistors made up of all resistance of 1222. Faculty Supervisors: Mari Schuldt. What is the required current and power for the operation of on the LCD 32 TV? A distance learning university can make working and studying simple and adaptable. 5. More information.

What is the resistance total of the circuit, assuming there is a 100V power source and 2 amps inside the circuit? Ancient History Online via distance learning. 6. Recommended References for Professionals. If you have 5W LED fluorescent lamp, and a 220V power source.

Being a member of the correct association is the best way to make yourself an experienced professional. Which is your current of the electrical circuit? Bircham International University graduates may be a part of a variety of professional organizations. 7-8. Membership requirements for each organization can differ based on the program of study, the specialization and graduate resume for every occasion.

The total power of radio was 3A and utilized 110V. BIU is not able to ensure membership in all circumstances. What is the required resistance and the power needed for Radio to operate? BIU does not play a role with these processes. 9-10. Bircham International University provides a information on membership options and professional references for each faculty to which BIU alumni may be a part of.

If the two 9V batteries is 18V and the speaker is 40. You can contact the BIU faculty you prefer. What is the capacity of the speaker as well as its current electrical? More information.

Effective Studying Techniques | History. AAH Association of essays Ancient Historians Association of Ancient Historians AHE – Ancient History Encyclopedia The AWHA is Ancient World History Associations CA – Classical Association CC – Cultura Clasica IAE – International Association of Egyptologists ICS (International Society of Egyptologists) Institute of Classical Studies IPA ICS – International Psychohistorical Association SAH – Society of Architectural Historians SBEC – Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Classicos SEEC – Sociedad Espanola of Estudios Clasicos SOPHAU – Societe des Professeurs d’Histoire Ancienne de l’Universite SPHS The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies WHA – World History Association More details. Today we conclude this series of Effective Studying Techniques.

Learn by distance learning anywhere in the world any time of the year. As we’ve stated throughout this series, cramming for exams isn’t an effective method to learn. More details.

A lot of students put off their studies and stay up until last-minute to review thinking that reviewing just prior to the test can help them retain their the information. Admission requirements Ancient History. In reality, rather than aiding, late-night cramming causes more anxiety and stress which can result in low test scores. Specialist Expert Diploma, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Doctor Ph.D.

In our classrooms today students are taught what they need to learn, yet it is not often possible for teaching them how to learn. Degree. I believe that if we instruct our students in a proper method to prepare for classes it will save them time cramming in late hours. For admission to Bircham Distance Education University, you must have a valid Bircham distance-education university, you will need to submit the completed in, dated and signed application form for admission. Keep in mind that the best way for effective study for all subjects is to practice it regularly. The application form from the site or request it via mail or email. A three-time a week study for an hour can help you far more than studying just each week for 3 hours.

Please mail this application along with the all documents attached to the address below. We’ve covered methods to teach English/Language Arts , Mathematics Sciences , and foreign Languages . It is also possible to send this application and the documents attached by email in PDF format. Today, we will conclude the series with a discussion of History.

More information. When I look back, it was not one of my subjects of choice. Bircham International University issues an admissions document after you have submitted the complete application to be admitted.

I didn’t like it however I didn’t love it, too. This document will detail the number of credits that have been transferred and verified through previous experience and education and the total number of credits required to finish the distance learning degree’s major. My curiosity about the subject changed according to the time frame we were talking about. Bircham University can not perform this test without submitting the full request for admission. I grew up watching The American Girl series so those historical periods were particularly interesting because I could easily connect my experiences to those of the series. More information.

My sister has always been historian fan, especially WWII. Click to download. He is very knowledgeable about the military and all the battles which took place. Application for admission. He did not have to take a history course in the school.

BIU Offices – Distance Learning University – Contact . He just knew it. If you have additional concerns, inform us. 🙂 For me, it was difficult to recall all of the facts and information. MODE OF INSTRUCTION: Distance Learning Higher Education.

It’s likely that you can relate to either one of my brothers or myself -or you "just have an understanding of" the information or do not. This program of distance learning is carried out using a conventional instructional method that is based on correspondence. Whichever one of us you are You should be studying historical facts.

After you have signed up to the program, Bircham International University will provide you (to your email address) the recommended textbooks. With all the people and dates that are involved, it’s easy to get confused about facts. After you’ve read the book you’ll be asked to create a 20 to 35 page report that shows your comprehension of the text.

In the case of history there’s no way to interpret it. This report is similar to the exam and may be submitted via email or postal mail. Or it did happen, or it wasn’t.

Bircham International University will evaluate the written report. When you next take a seat to study to pass your course in history consider these strategies for studying: