Giving Back to the Community

Rimini Farms shares its success with the Dominican Republic community that works so tirelessly to support the goals and standards of Rimini Farms products.

Our Farming Legacy

Rimini Farms produce is sourced from quality farmers and growers, ensuring that only the freshest produce makes its way to families across the entire U.S.

Founded in 2020, Rimini Farms is Based in the Dominican Republic

Rimini Farms is a privately owned company that produce farming operations, research and development. Rimini Farms’ corporate headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York but based in the Dominican Republic, adhering to stringent agricultural guidelines from development to distribution. 

Our pride and passion drives us to deliver a superior product at competitive prices to suppliers year-round. We export and wholesale distribute produce that is temperature and quality controlled throughout the entire process!

Pepino Packaging
Rimini Farms Tomatoes
Mini Pepino Cumcumbers
Rimini Farms Sweet Baby Tomatoes

The Rimini Farms Difference

Greenhouse GROWN

At Rimini Farms, our greenhouses deliver fresh produce, with less resources and less waste. They’re our commitment to quality.

Top Growers

We only partner with the best. All of our growers are experienced and adhere to the highest level of sanitary and safety protocols.

USDA Organic

 Rimini Farms is a supplier of traditional conventional, certified-organic, and specialty produce throughout the year.

Quaranteed Fresh

Our superior quality and freshness is in the results. Our produce is flown in daily – Taste the Farm!

Certified Organic

Grown with Care

Quality is the key to the soaring demand of Rimini Farms produce. Company founder and CEO, Mike Rozman is a hands-on leader, overseeing every aspect of the business and its 125 employees. Using only top growers and instilling quality control across every touchpoint, Rozman is proud of Rimini Farm’s innovative, streamlined distribution process centered around protecting and maintaining temperature control.

Greenhouse Grown

Our produce is Greenhouse grown, offeringing only the best quality. All water that isn’t absorbed by the plants is captured, sterilized and recycled back into our irrigation system.

Rimini Farms Pepinos

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